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Nice story by Elizabeth McCormick on WV Public Radio about our mine war course being offered at Shepherd University. This class is a credit course for middle and high school teachers (in-state and out-of-state) and can be taken via Skype. Sign up through February 9.
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Coal Country Tours offers custom and pre-planned tours for you and your family, group, or organization. We can accomodate any size group but we prefer to start with at least seven increasing to fifty or more. We also offer step-on guide service. Contact us today with your ideas, budget, and schedule and let us know what we can do for you.  


 2016 Tours

June 18-26, 2016
Heritage Adventures 9-Day Coach Tour to Old Quebec
Departing Morgantown, WV and Hagerstown, MD
$1799 per person, double occupancy

April 23-24, 2016
WV Coal Country and Mine War Tour

This tour is open to the public but is also for WV middle and high school teachers taking the EDPD course at Shepherd University.
Departing Shepherdstown, WV
$340 per person, double occupancy
Click here for details

April 15-17, 2016
WV Coal Country and Mine War Tour

Departing Shepherdstown, WV and Beckley, WV


Do you live in KY, TN, VA, OH, NC or any other state not on the tour route?  Meet us at the Tamarack Cultural Center in Beckley, WV.  It is the first and last destination for all of our WV Mine War Tours. Leave your car and we will drop you off at the end of the tour. Simple!

The West Virginia Mine Wars 

From around 1900 through 1922 a series of lockouts, strikes, clashes, gunfights, battles, assassinations, and all out warfare raged through the southern coal fields of West Virginia.


The Hatfield and McCoy Feud

One of the most enduring and recognizable events in Appalachian history is the Hatfield & McCoy feud that raged along the West Virginia and Kentucky border for a decade from about 1880 until 1890. 


Cass Scenic Railroad

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park located in Pocahontas County, WV offers visitors a chance to learn about life in an early 20th Century lumber town, to ride trains pulled by authentic Shay steam locomotives, and to access the beauty of West Virginia's high mountains.
Cass Scenic Railroad Tour

New River White Water Rafting

There is no better white water rafting to be found in the eastern United States than on the lower New River in West Virginia where there are 25 rapids ranging from Class II to Class VI.
New River White Water Rafting Tour

Bramwell, West Virginia

Bramwell, West Virginia, once home to coal barons, industrialists, and financiers was known as "the town of millionaires." Today it is known for its dozens of restored mansions and quaint downtown.
The Bramwell Tour

Haunted West Virginia

West Virginia's geography and history are both naturally suited to tales of ghosts and the haunted. From its dark and remote hollows to its bloody history of mine disasters and feuds, who knows what spirits linger?
Haunted West Virginia Tour

Shepherd University Class
History of the West Virginia Mine Wars and Tour of Southern WV

June 10-12, Departing Shepherdstown, picking up at Tamarack,B
eckley, I-81 & I-64 corridors
Click here for details

West Virginia Coal Heritage and Mine War Tour
June 10-12
Departing Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV picking up in Winchester and Woodstock, VA, Tamarack, Beckley, WV.
Click here for details.

The Mine Wars
air date has been moved to Tuesday January 26. It will air from 9:00 - 11:00 PM on American Experience on PBS. Check your local listings.
Click here for a preview.

Announcing the new two-hour documentary The 
Mine Wars airing nationally January 26 ( the original date of January 12 has been changed due to the State of the Union Address) at 9:00 PM on American Experience on PBS. Don't miss this important film by Randall MacLowry of the Film Posse and WGBH, Boston. The Mine Wars is the first new documentary dedicated to this subject to arrive in almost 40 years. MacLowry does top notch work as can be seen in his previous documentaries including A Brilliant Madness (John Nash), Building the Alaska Highway, The Great Fever, The Gold Rush, The Polio Crusade, Silicon Valley, and The Rise and Fall of Penn Station
. Mark your calendars. If you watch closely you might see yours truly.

L-R, Randall MacLowry of the Film Posse, Doug Estepp, Kenny King on Blair Mountain Battlefield.

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Check out coverage on Coal Country Tours by USA Today Travel, the National Trust, National Public Radio, the Baltimore Sun, CNN, the Associated Press, and others here.

Heritage Adventures presents
An 9 day excursion to Old Quebec, a UN designated World Heritage Site, June 
18-26, 2016
Click on "Heritage Adventures" at the top of the page or on the image below.

Blood on the Mountain is coming to the Gluck Theater at West Virginia University February 2 and to the Appalachian Studies Conference at Shepherd University March 19. Blood on the Mountain will also be coming theaters nationwide this autumn. Directed by Mari-Lynn Evans (PBS' "The Appalachians) and Jordan Freeman. Don't miss this important film about West Virginia.

Doug Estepp, image is from the documentary Blood on the Mountain directed and produced by Mari-Lynn Evans (previous work includes the PBS series The Appalachians: America's First and Last Frontier & the documentary Coal Country) Coming this fall to PBS

We all owe a debt to Kenny King of Ethyl, WV who began the fight to save Blair Mountain over a decade ago.  Kenny has now come up with some incredible film clips of the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Blair Mountain.  This footage has likely not been seen in decades but Kenny has posted it on You Tube for all to see.  Many thanks Kenny.

view footage here

View footage of General Billy Mitchell and the First Provisional Air Brigade as they sink battleships off the Virginia coast days before being deployed to West Virginia during the Battle of Blair Mountain


Now on You Tube, "The Last Mountain.

View here.





More than three decades before the American Revolution, Colonial explorers had already discovered coal in the southern Appalachian Mountains. While scouting tributaries of the Kanawha River in 1742, a man named Peter Salley christened one of these streams Coal River after finding outcroppings in the hills above. Little did he know that dozens of seams covering hundreds of square miles lay all around containing billions of tons of the combustible fuel. It mattered little, however, as the territory was a vast rugged wilderness of steep mountains and deep narrow valleys remote from civilization where coal might be of use. 

     As settlers moved west they largely bypassed the southern mountains in search of more hospitable land. It was not until 1873 when the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad reached Huntington by way of the New and Kanawha Rivers that the vast reserves of coal became accessible. The coal industry in West Virginia was born and when the Norfolk & Western Railroad reached the Ohio River in 1895, it exploded transforming the sparsely settled hills into a great industrial zone. Coal was America’s power source and like oil today, the country had an insatiable appetite for it. 
     The combination of rapid change and the opportunity to make incredible fortunes combined to create tension and conflict which led to violence and eventually open warfare between exploited miners and their capitalist bosses. A series of strikes, gunfights, and assassinations followed culminating in the Battle of Blair Mountain which took place in Logan County in 1921. There, more than ten thousand armed coal miners fought thousands of mine guards, deputies, state police, and company employees armed with modern military machine guns, light artillery, and airplanes that dropped bombs on the miners. 
    This history, now commonly known as the West Virginia Mine Wars has long been ignored by mainstream historians and as incredible and important as it is, it has faded into the shadows of time. And there it has remained largely unknown even to the generations of West Virginians whose forbearers fought those battles. The struggle continues to this day but in order to understand the continuing conflict one must first know this history. 
    Coal Country Tours LLC is pleased to offer to those who wish to learn more, to the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of coal miners everywhere, and to those who seek a better understanding of our past and present, the opportunity to tour the southern West Virginia coalfields and to visit the sites and learn the history of the West Virginia Mine Wars. 
      We invite you to join us as we learn about the railroads that opened the territory and as we travel deep into an early 20th century coal mine to learn about the work and lives of the early miners. Come with us as we visit an authentic 1890 coal company store and learn the disturbing secrets of its operations. Travel with us to Holly Grove where striking miners and their families were machine-gunned in their tents and visit the unmarked graveyard where those killed in the fighting repose. Walk the ridge of Blair Mountain where the largest armed insurrection in US history excluding the Civil War took place. 
     See the streets of Matewan where ten men died in a running gun battle in 1920 when Police Chief Sid Hatfield and striking miners fought the notorious Baldwin Felts Detectives. Stand on the steps of the McDowell County Courthouse where the Baldwin Felts men exacted their revenge when they assassinated Hatfield and his boyhood friend Ed Chambers a year later. Experience the wealth and privilege of the coal Barons in the town of Bramwell. And finally, tour the jail where union leader Bill Blizzard and other miners were incarcerated and the same, adjacent courthouse where he and fellow coal miner Walter Allen were tried for treason as was the famous abolitionist John Brown half a century before.  
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